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Clients are organisations or individuals for whom a construction project is carried out. They have specific legal duties under the CDM 2015 regulations. This is because the client is a major influence over the way a project is procured and managed. Regardless of the size of the project, the client has contractual control, appoints designers and contractors and determines the money, time and other resources available. They set the project’s culture and standards of performance through their commitment, behaviour and relationships with the project team.

Learning outcomes

Delegates will be provided with information that will help them to:

  • Have an overview of CDM 2015 and where the client role fits within it
  • Understand who the client is on different projects, including where there may be more than one
  • Know about the health and safety considerations, expectations and management arrangements a client has to make for a project and how these can be communicated through things like a client’s brief
  • Ensure the provision of adequate welfare facilities
  • Understand the requirements for pre-construction information (PCI), the construction phase plan (CPP) and health and safety file (HSF) together with suitable arrangements for their delivery
  • Know what is involved in assembling the project team including the appointments of a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor
  • Know which projects are notifiable and the arrangements for this
  • Understand the general CDM duties applicable to everyone on the project regarding appointments, cooperation, reporting and the provision of information

What the course will cover

This course is designed to help delegates understand the responsibilities of a client under CDM 2015 in ensuring that health and safety performance is an integral component of effective project management and delivery. A safe and healthy project will also deliver a timely, cost effective and quality product.

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone who commissions construction or maintenance work on buildings or other assets or those who need an understanding of clients’ duties as part of another role.

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